Friday, January 29, 2010

What Do We Have Here...

I've been mulling the idea of starting a blog for quite a while. I've even had friends try to push me into it. The idea interested me, but I didn't want to have just another hockey blog.

I have season tickets for the Hershey Bears. Forty games a year I sit in section 101 and listen to everything that happens. At a recent game, the idea hit me. "The North End" - a blog about this end of the building and all the chants, yells, jersey fouls, and other random stuff that happens during the course of a sixty minute game. Plus, of course, some stuff about The Hershey Bears and their parent club, The Washington Capitals.

I can't promise my spelling or grammar will be right. Hell I can't even promise that I'm going to update this more than once. I do promise that it will be entertaining when I write.

Some random little notes from listening to the first period of the Bears game this evening:
  • The Bears are really, really, really good. It's kinda ridiculous.
  • Giroux scored with 1.5 seconds left and French put out Pat Wellar, Steve Pinizzotto, and Grant McNeill on the ensuing faceoff. I applaud this move.
  • John Walton (Hershey Bears broadcaster) was on with his calls this evening. Hershey had scored 16 goals in the previous two games, and Walton still acted like every goal was Hershey's first. Awesome.
I caught a little of the conversation between Walton and the Hershey Bears beat writer, Tim Leone, where he said this:

Walton: "What do you do to defend this team?"
Leone: "I don't know, hire a sniper on the concourse?"

Then, like the great fan I am, I didn't listen to the rest of the game (hey, I do have a life outside of hockey). Apparently shit hit the fan, as the Bears scored ANOTHER 8 goals - that's 3 straight games where they've scored 8. On Tim Leone's twitter, he posted that the last time the Bears did that was the 1983-1984 season. I can't believe it's even happened before.

I think that's good enough for my first post. Hopefully we'll get this thing up and going Sunday night with the first installment of The Weekend That Was in the North End.